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Silvia Radu and Vasile Gorduz in the 1950s

Photograph from Siliva Radu's studio of Silvia and Vasile as young artistis in 1950s Romania.Items relating to Silvia Radu Items relating to Vasile Gorduz

Folio, inscribed

UTT 2013633a Radu.jpeg
Folio - handmade by Silvia Radu. Although inscribed as having 14 drawings, there are only 12 present. It also contains handmade birthday cards/notes to Geoffrey Tyler, dated 1983 and 1988. It is most likely Tyler added these items later to the folio…

Birthday card, in folio of 12 drawings

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Birthday card with text both sides and original watercolour by Silvia Radu. From Silvia Radu and Vasile Gorduz (Romania) to Geoffrey Tyler (US) in 1988.English translation of text facing the 'spring' watercolour: We are healthy after a spring with…