Geoffrey Tyler's thoughts on Sultana Maitec


Geoffrey Tyler's thoughts on Sultana Maitec


Tyler, Geoffrey




Maitec’s wife was a painter. Her paintings were mainly abstracts with round forms on a flat background. Often she used metallic leaf to add light and texture to her canvases. To my taste, she was one of the less interesting of the best known artists because for me there was less variety than with many others. As a person, both she and her husband were friendly and hospitable. I can still recall one Sunday in a January, when the Maitecs invited the Gorduz, the Petrescus, and me to a country cottage they had on the Danube plain, west of Bucharest. The ground everywhere was covered with snow and lit with bright sunshine. The lunch was leisurely, with plenty of wine and tuica, the Romanian plum brandy, and afterwards different people chose one of two forms of relaxation – to sleep off the lunch or to walk it off through the snow-covered fields. It was one of those days that are memorable because of the people involved and the simplicity.


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