Djoka Ivackovic



Djoka Ivackovic



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Horgos, Yugoslavia (now Serbia)

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Biographical Text

Djoka Ivackovic was born in Yugoslavia in 1930.

Graduating from the Belgrade School of Architecture in 1955, he was deeply impressed with the art appearing in travelling international exhibitions and presentations of modern European art. 'Modern Art in the USA', which came to Belgrade in 1956 and featured paintings of the Abstract Expressionists, was a great influence. Ivackovic moved to Paris in 1963, dedicating his life to painting.

His lyrical abstract style reflects his architectural and design training. Typically, he only painted on a square format, and often allowed the white background to show through.

He first came to attention as a participant in the 1965 Biennial of the Young in Paris. Ivackovic presented his first solo exhibition in Belgrade in 1971, and went on to hold almost 30 more solo shows as well as participating in many important group shows. His final solo exhibition was in Serbia in 2011, and he died the following year in Paris.

Today his works are found in both Belgrade’s National Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as in a number of private collections globally.



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