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Thijs Mauve



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Scheveningen, Holland

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Thijs Mauve was born in the seaside town of Scheveningen, Holland in 1915, from a family of distinguished Dutch artists. After studying at The Hague Art Academy, he became a member of the influential art society Pulchri Studio and of the Art Society in Amsterdam.

Trained as a painter and wood engraver, he was also a highly-respected graphic designer, well-known for illustrating books and exlibris bookplates. Mauve produced a large number of wood engravings throughout his career. An example are his illustrations in Novalis’ ‘Genius of the Song’, published in 1941 by the World Library Association. 

Mauve often signed his work with "Th Mauve" or "ThMauve". He also worked under the pseudonym Theo Mijdrecht. From his earlier traditional approach to painting, it was observed that he developed an interest in abstraction in later years. Although a somewhat neglected professional artist now, he received many prizes, including the Dutch ‘Art and Freedom’ medal in 1945.

He visited many countries, notably US (Texas), Australia, Greece, Italy and Kenya. These places feature in his many sketch books. In 1979 he moved to Devon on the south coast of England, where he lived and worked until his death in 1996.



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