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Ming Wang



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Ming Wang was born Wu Ching in Tianjin, China in 1921.

In 1939 he commenced studies at the National Northwest University, Chen Kuo, Shan Szee Province, however his education was interrupted by the outbreak of WW2, and he became a pilot in Chinese nationalist Air Force.

In 1949, Ming moved to Taiwan to escape the Communist takeover of China. Working as an air traffic controller, he became fascinated by the beauty of the sky, and studied Chinese Painting with Prince Pu-Yu - professor of Fine Arts at the National Taiwan Normal University.

In 1951 Ming emigrated to Washington DC, US, to join his wife and young son. To support his family, he started a framing business, but also studied art and painted his own work independently. He experimented with celestial images - galaxies and the universe - combining non-traditional materials such as acrylic paints with traditional Chinese forms and calligraphy. The influence of 1950s American art and abstract expressionism is also clear in his work, and he exhibited with such Washington Color School luminaries as Kenneth Noland and Gene Davis in the 1960s. He later taught calligraphy at George Washington University.

Ming stated that he strived to make art that builds a bridge of understanding between people of all nationalities and cultures. Leaving his home and the atrocities of war and political upheaval, he was grateful for the opportunities which were available to him in the US.

His works have been exhibited in the US and in China at galleries including The Art Society of the International Monetary Fund, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, National Academy of Sciences, Tianjin Museum of Fine Arts, National Gallery of Art, Beijing, and the Shanghai Art Museum. Ming Wang works are part of the permanent collection at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, National Air and Space Museum, Brooklyn Museum, National Museum of American Art, American Embassy in Beijing, Corcoran Gallery of Art, National Art Museum of China, The Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw, Poland, and numerous galleries in the US and Asia.

"I have never limited myself to eastern or western standards of beauty. My standard of beauty comes from the beauty of the cosmic world in the infinity.” Ming Wang

Ming died in 2016 in Washington DC.



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